Use Trip Investigator to see all or specific vehicle trips completed the previous day or throughout the last week.  You can compare the routes to your schedule and times to see if trips are meeting your expectations. The Map view clearly shows if detours are causing delays and a route can be improved. You can also see any vehicles that were driven outside of normal working hours, during personal time, or driven outside of your normal driving region.

You can send reports of customer-specific trips as proof that you met your travel time Service Level Agreements (SLAs). In the event of insurance or accident issues, you can prove exactly where and what time your vehicle was in an area.

A unique feature is of Trip Investigator is you can schedule to have a daily or weekly report sent directly to your email inbox on a regular basis. This is a timesaver because you do not need to reopen the report and reset your options. 

Setting up your Report View

Select what criteria you want to view. By default, the report opens in Map view. Click Data to view data in a spreadsheet format. TIP: Reset all filters by clicking reset arrow2.

  1. Select the time period to view and click Submit (you can view all trips within the last 7 days).
  2. Click Groups/Vehicles, and select specific vehicles or the entire fleet to analyze. 
  3. Click Location to select a starting and/or ending location. Hold the Ctrl key to select several locations.
  4. Click Trip Attributes to view trips within specific timeframes.

Understanding the Report

Map view visualises your fleet vehicle trips within the last week on a map. You can see at a glance where your fleet traveled. Each line represents a trip.

Data view lists all trips represented on map view but adds specific event details from each trip with filters for easy sorting and interpreting scenarios. You can review every stop on a trip including the vehicle plate number, driver, arrival and departure times, distance traveled between stops, and the time at each location.


Downloading or Scheduling the Report

spanner5 Use the Tools menu, located at the upper right of the Depot page to select an option to download, email or schedule to receive this report on a regular basis. Use Export to download the report to your computer.  

To schedule a report:

  1. Enter a name for the report or use the default.
  2. Select how often you want to receive the report (one-time, daily, weekly).
  3. Select how long in the future you want to receive regular reports.
  4. Click the file type.
  5. Click Add to begin regular report delivery.