Inspect Reports

Inspect reports may be viewed and downloaded from the Inspections screen or accessed from the Reports menu. There are two options when using the Action icon on the Inspections screen — view legacy Daily Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR), or export all to a comma-separated-values (CSV) spreadsheet.


Inspections screen Action Options 

These options are described in the following sections.


Viewing Legacy DVIR Reports

EROAD Inspect provides access to your legacy DVIR reports if you previously used our DVIR module from the Driver app.


DVIR legacy reports screen reduced 


  1. Click the Action moreicon icon on the Inspections screen.
  2. Click View Legacy DVIR Reports. The Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports screen appears.
  3. Click the Pass/Fail drop-down list to select an inspection results (e.g., Pass, Fail, or All).
  4. Click the time period drop-down list and select an option (e.g., Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly). 
  5. (Alternative) Click the date picker or use the arrows to select a time period for the report.


Downloading the Inspections Report

Perform the following steps to print reports.

  1. Click the Action moreicon icon at the top of the Inspections screen. 
  2. Click Export All to CSV. The InspectReportOverview.csv file appears at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Click the file name to open the report where you may view and save the file to your local computer.
  4. Use the spreadsheet menu to print the report.


Using the Reports Menu

 Perform the following steps to access the Inspection reports from the Depot Reports menu.


  • Click Reports > Fleet > Inspect Inspecticon2 in DepotThe Inspections screen displays.

Note: See Downloading the Inspections Report for more information.