Next Maintenance

Next Maintenance

Next Maintenance quickly lists and exports vehicles needing immediate attention – for repairs or planned services – for fast workshop triage and scheduling.

 Next Maintenance

Where the Assets page lists all hardware within MyEROAD, including non-vehicular equipment, Next Maintenance is a workshop-oriented view of work due, showing only:

  • items that have a service plan applied, OR;
  • items in need of repair.

Saving columns

Like the Assets page, you may add/remove columns shown and save that layout for future use. Click the Columns button and Add new saved columns.

Saving filter preferences

Like the Assets page, you may save your current filter configuration in a preset. After setting your filters, click the Default filter button and save the settings under a new name.

To see the repairs documented and services due for a machine:

  1. Use the filters to narrow down your search.
    1. Set your filter preferences. You may save your filter prefs by setting them up, clicking Default Filters and saving a name.
  2. Click the machine's display name.

This will take you to the Assets page, pre-filter the results and open the machine's details drawer.

From the Asset Drawer, you may process maintenance issues or Export the list to a CSV file.