Fuel Efficiency Report

The Fuel Efficiency Report allows you to optimise your company’s fuel costs by monitoring your fleet’s fuel efficiency and identifying poorly performing vehicles.

The report lists your vehicles in groups per make/model and displays fuel efficiency in Km/L against a benchmark based on average fuel efficiency per make/model. Traffic light icons help you easily identify how a vehicle’s fuel efficiency stacks up within their group.


The Fuel Efficiency graph shows fuel efficiency for selected vehicles over the reporting period.

The Fuel Transactions graph shows the vehicles’ fuel transactions and helps you quickly identify unusual fuel transactions.


NZ Fuel Efficiency 03


Traffic light icons

 Red2   This vehicle’s fuel efficiency (km/l) is more than 10% under the EROAD benchmark.  
 Amber   This vehicle’s fuel efficiency (km/l) is slightly under the EROAD benchmark by upto 10%.   
 Green   This vehicle’s fuel efficiency (km/l) is equal to or better than the EROAD benchmark.  


Vehicles in groups that do not have a benchmark available will not have traffic light icons displayed. 


Viewing the Report

To choose a reporting period and vehicles to report on:

  • Select Start and End Date, Month(s), Fleet(s) and Vehicle(s) on the left hand panel.
    Fuel Efficiency for these vehicles will be displayed as a line graph for the reporting period.

  • Select All Vehicles to display one graph for all selected vehicles or By Vehicle to display a graph per vehicle


To view details:

  • Click one or several vehicle icons (by holding down the CTRL key) to focus on these vehicles.

  • In the Fuel Efficiency graph, move your cursor over the graph to find out the vehicle name and other details. Review the vehicle’s speeding and idling events in the list above.

  • In the Fuel Transactions graph, move your cursor over a dot to find out the vehicle name and further details about the fuel transaction.


Exporting the Report

You can export the report in PDF and CSV format, and then print or forward it for further use.

To export the report:

  • Click spanner3 Tools > Send PDF to email or Send CSV to email.
    You will receive the report as an email attachment.


Scheduling the Report

You can schedule the report to receive it by email on a regular basis.

To schedule the report:

  • Click spanner3 Tools > Schedule this Report.
  • Fill in the Schedule Report screen.
  • Click Add.