The Emissions toolset focuses on pollutants: current fleet stats, and comparative stats with similar EROAD fleets, no matter how these emissions are generated.


Emissions Overview tab

Absolute emissions

This is the total amount of CO2-e released into the atmosphere over the time period selected in the filter. The calculation for this figure aggregates the age, weight, year, distance travelled and total idle time of all vehicles in the fleet, then adjusted by an emissions factor sanctioned by the government.

The percentage shows whether you’ve increased or decreased your emissions burden since the last filtered period. Hovering over the percentage gives you summary stats of the calculation.

Emissions intensity

This is the emissions mass over a unit distance. Your absolute emission total could go down, but if your average emissions over a set distance remains the same or increases, that means more fuel is being used for less distance.

This measure has more impact with the Transport sector rather than construction.

Fuel emissions

Total emissions per type, measured in kg CO2-e.

Top 2 burners

A profile graph of the top two CO2-e vehicles in the fleet over the filtered time period.

Absolute emissions (graph)

For the filtered period and group, this graph shows the daily emissions of your fleet segment.

A line-of-best-fit serve as a general trend guide.

Emission intensity

Emission intensity is the amount of CO2-e emitted over a unit distance (currently 100 km).

The aim is to manage your fleet’s emissions to at least be as low as EROAD’s ‘similar fleet’ benchmark, preferably lower.

Top Savers and Top burners in this graph are listed by group (fleet). Managing groups with respect to operator emissions will assist in identifying behavioural outliers in fuel consumption.

Top Savers and Top burners in this graph are listed by vehicle. Managing groups with respect to vehicle emissions will assist in identifying vehicles needing replacement or urgent maintenance.

Emissions Report tab

The Report tab shows Emissions-relevant data in a spreadsheet for a more granular view.