Trip Investigator

tripinvestigatoricon3  In Depot, go to Reports / Fleet / Trip Investigator.

Use Trip Investigator to see all or specific vehicle trips completed the previous day or through the last week.  You can compare the routes to your schedule and times to see if trips are meeting your expectations. The Map view clearly shows if detours are causing delays and a route can be improved.

You can also see any vehicles that were driven outside of normal working hours, during personal time, or driven outside of your normal driving region.

Also the report helps you prove agreed travel time service level agreements with your customers.



Map view visualises trips on a map, allowing you to see at a glance where your fleet has been traveling. Each line represents a trip. The bolder the line appears on the map, the more trips are covered.

Data view lists all trips represented on map view but adds specific event details from each trip with filters for easy sorting and interpreting scenarios. 

Map/Data Review trips on a map or in a data spreadsheet format.
Line Opacity Slide the indicator to change routes marked on a map from bold to transparent.
Reporting period Select the time period to review (once, daily or weekly (7 days)).
Fleet & Vehicles Select specific vehicles or the entire fleet to analyze.
Locations Select the starting and ending location. Hold down the Ctrl key to select several locations.
Trip Attributes

Select the distance covered, and the starting and ending trip time. 
Show Trips    inside these times     displays trips that occurred within the timelines selected.
                 outside these times    displays trips that occured outside of the timelines selected.

                 Reset all days to 0700 - 0800 - resets all times to a 7 am - 8 pm business day

  TIP: Reset all filters by clicking reset arrow2.