Geofence Tags

In Administration > Tags you can set up and manage organisational attributes (‘tags’) that you can assign to your Geofences:

  • Account
  • Region
  • Branch

This enables you to monitor geofence activity in relation to these attributes in Geofence Activity Dashboard, for instance by using Account tags to track time-on-site-targets with customers.


NOTE: A Client Administrator user role is required to set up and manage tags.


To set up and manage tags for your organisation:

  1. Administration > Geofence Tags.
  2. Click Add/Remove tags in a Tag group to open edit mode.
  3. Add new tags by entering tag name(s) in the text field.
  4. Remove tags by clicking x.
  5. Confirm tags for the Tag group by clicking Save tags.


To edit a tag name:

  1. Double-click the tag.
  2. Edit tag name.
  3. Click Save.