In-cab Alerts

The In-cab Alerts section gives you quick access to the timing and criteria behind service notifications to both Depot and to each vehicle's driver. This creates targeted service information only to those groups and people who require it.

 in cabAlerts01

The Service Alert card contains a bundle of services for which you require alerts.

in cabAlerts toggle: Activates alerts for these services. This switch is useful for fleet managers to pause alerts for seasonal or temporary purposes.

in cabAlerts bin: Deletes the Service Alert card. No alerts will be sent to targeted parties.

in cabAlerts eye: opens the Details panel.

Details Panel

in cabAlerts02

The Details panel presents more information on the Service Alerts, including:

  • Created date
  • Modified date
  • Alert for service types
  • Number of groups to which the alert will be sent
  • Group's recipients
  • The individuals and groups/fleets that will receive the service alerts.

The Details panel also provides:

  • a link to the Asset table
  • Close: closes the Details panel
  • Edit: Change the Service Alert criteria.


Clicking Edit in the Details Pane lets you create precise control over service alert conditions.

Enable service alerts

This section sets the conditions of alert conditions, including:

  • Service status: The current state (Overdue, Due) of a scheduled service.
  • Service types: These fields let you select the service types and recipients for these alerts.
  • Ehubo Preview: A preview of what a service alert will look like to a driver.

Required action from driver

MyEROAD provides a number of pre-configured messages:

  • Be advised
  • Contact office
  • Do not use this vehicle
  • Take vehicle to local service provider