Driver Safety Report

The Driver Safety Report helps you keep an eye on your drivers’ behaviour on the road to make sure they are safe and compliant. 


Harsh Braking and Sharp Acceleration events are listed per vehicle or driver. Each event is marked on your map. You can drill down for detailed information on the event and identify high-risk locations with a large number of events. The following warnings occur on the device during these events.

Harsh Braking

  • A harsh braking event displays on a deceleration event that exerts 0.37 g-force on a heavy vehicle or 0.4 on a light vehicle. The driver feels noticeable forward movement during this event, and an unrestrained vehicle load moves forward.

Sharp Acceleration

  • A sharp acceleration event displays at an acceleration event exerting 0.35 g-force on a heavy vehicle or 0.42 on a light vehicle. The driver is thrusted backward into the seat, and an unrestrained vehicle load moves backward. 


With these insights you can educate your drivers on high-risk locations and help them improve their behaviour on the road to reduce the number of recorded events.


Viewing the Report

 To choose a reporting period and vehicles / drivers to report on:

  • Select Start Date and End Date, Month(s), Fleet(s) and Vehicle(s) on the left hand side.
  • Select to view Vehicles or Drivers.

    The number of Driving Events will be listed by Vehicle or Driver (top graph) and Location (bottom graph).
    Driving Event locations will be marked on the map:
      Red   a red marker stands for a Harsh Braking Event 
   Yellow  a yellow marker stands for a Sharp Acceleration Event

To view details:

  • Click on a vehicle’s or driver’s Driving Events to view their events only and zoom in on the map.
  • Click on the Number of Events at a Location to zoom in on the map.
  • Move your cursor over a marker on the map to view detailed information.
  • Click Reset Filters to view all Driving Events for the selected reporting period.


Exporting the Report

You can export the report in a variety of formats, and then print or forward it for further use. The following export options are available:

  • Export PDF
  • Send PDF to email
  • Export CSV
  • Send CSV to email

To export the report:

  • Click spanner5 Tools and select an export option.
    The report is downloaded in your browser.

To export the report to email:

  • Click spanner5 Tools and select a report option to email.
  • The report is generated and sent to you as an email attachment; check your email inbox.


Scheduling the Report

You can schedule the report to receive it by email on a regular basis.

To schedule the report:

  • Click spanner5 Tools / Schedule this Report.
  • Fill in the Schedule Report screen.
  • Click Add.