Add New Vehicle or Asset

* Only available to users with Client Administrator and Unit Manager roles

MyEROAD can be used to purchase licences for other vehicles in your fleet or to manage service schedules for vehicles and assets, even if an EROAD product has not been installed.

Without an Ehubo/Tubo or EhuboLITE unit RUC warnings and fleet tracking will not be available, however you may load other vehicles into the system to purchase and print PDF RUC licences or to manage their service schedules in the service module.


Adding a Vehicle/Asset

Once you have selected the Vehicles/Assets button from the left hand menu in the Admin section of the system, you can select the Add New Vehicle or Asset button.

  1. Select the Fleet you wish to add the new vehicle/asset to

    You may need to go to the "Fleets (Groups)" area of MyEROAD and create a "New Fleet" if necessary.
  2. Enter a Display Name (Fleet Number or Registration Plate for example)
  3. Select whether the vehicle/asset is:
    • Registered Vehicle - Powered
    • Registered Vehicle - Unpowered (trailer)
    • Unregistered - Asset

For a Registered Vehicle

  1. Enter the Registration Plate for the vehicle and click the "Get Details from NZTA" button
    The registration plate will be checked against NZTA's vehicle database and the Make, Model, Year etc will display on screen.
  2. If the details shown are correct, click "Add Vehicle" to save the vehicle to the system.

    If the details are incorrect please check that you have entered your registration number correctly (alter and click "Get Details from NZTA" again if required).

For an Asset (Unregistered)

  1. Select the Asset type
  2. Enter the Make, Model, Year and Asset Serial (These fields are optional).
  3. Click "Add Asset" to save the asset to the system.


Mechanical Hubodometer or Light RUC Vehicles

Once a mechanical hubodometer or light RUC vehicle has been added to the system it will display in the RUC Summary screen (location will not be shown on any Mapping screens and no Off-Road reports will be available).

Once you have purchased a RUC licence, print out the PDF RUC licence (that is emailed to you) to use as a proof of purchase (valid for 7-days) until the RUC label, that EROAD will print, arrives.