Share data with partner organisations

EROAD supports organisations wanting to securely share vehicle and driver activity information with selected partners. Once activated, the partner organisation will receive reports for their vehicles.

Partner Example:

  • The partner organisation might be owning the vehicle and leasing it out to the other organisation.
  • The partner organisation might be an existing service provider (e.g. tyre provider) looking to provide a value added service based on EROAD’s data.

Examples of data that can be sent to partners:

  • Daily Vehicle Data: This may include the current location, rego, odometer reading and other engine related data.
  • Driver Behaviour: This may include driver’s harsh breaking, acceleration and speed information.
  • Device Status: This will include the battery status of Ehubos and other EROAD products.

Setting up a data share partnership and specifying the information to be shared for selected vehicles is easy:

1  Please get in touch with EROAD Customer Support to authorise the adding of a partner organisation to the system.

2  Set up the partner relationship in Depot:

  1. Go to new cogwheel5 / Administration / My Organisation.
  2. In Data Share, click Manage Partners.
  3. Select a partner and confirm with Add Selected Partner.
    This partner relationship is now set up in Depot.

    partner share 2 edit1

3  Select the vehicles you would like your partner to receive reports on, and specify the reports:

  1. Go to new cogwheel5 / Administration / Vehicles/Assets.
  2. Select vehicle(s).
  3. Click Data Share.
  4. Select a partner and specify the reports you would like them to receive.

TIP: We recommend you create a group in new cogwheel5 / Administration / Groups that contains the vehicles that you share with a partner organisation. Then you can simply select the group from the dropdown at the top of the screen in new cogwheel5 / Administration / Vehicles/Assets.