Manage / Add Users

NOTE: Only users with Client Administrator roles can add, edit and deactivate users.

Add a new user

To add a new user:

    1. Go to new cogwheel6 > Administration > Users.
    2. Add New User. The Create New User screen will appear.
    3. Fill in the user details.
      Both, email address and username are case-insensitive. A user can log in with "TONY", "tony" or "Tony".
    4. Select Groups (Fleets) and Roles available to the user.
    5. EITHER:
      1. Check All Group (Fleet) Access. This allows the user access to the entire fleet, OR;
      2. Uncheck All Group (Fleet) Access and check only those vehicles to which the user should have access.
    6. Check all roles the user should assume.
    7. Create.

The new user can now log into MyEROAD with their username and password.

Note: For security reasons, we recommend you encourage the user to immediately log in and change their password in MyEROAD.

Editing a user's details, roles or fleet assignments

  1. new cogwheel6 > Administration > Users.
  2. Select a user to view their assigned roles, groups (fleets) and notifications.
  3. Edit their details and/or assignments as required.
  4. Save.

Changing your own password

We recommend you immediately change your password, once you have received your MyEROAD login details from your administrator.

To change your password:

  2. Enter your username and password. LOGIN.
  3. new cogwheel6 > Administration > My Profile. The My User Profile screen will appear.
  4. Change password.
  5. Enter your Old Password and a New Password. Confirm the new password by entering it in Confirm Password again.
  6. Save.

Changing another user's password

Users with Client Administrator roles can reset the password for another user, e.g. if they have forgotten their password. 

  1. Go to new cogwheel6 / Administration / Users.
  2. Select a user.
  3. Show reset password.
  4. Select Reset & Generate Password. A temporary password will be emailed to the user and appear on the screen.

The user will be prompted to change their password once they login to MyEROAD.

Deactivating a User

You can deactivate users in MyEROAD, e.g. if they are no longer working for your organisation.

To deactivate a MyEROAD user:

  1. new cogwheel6 / Administration / Users.
  2. Select the username.
  3. Remove.
    NOTE: When deactivating a user that receives AutoRUC notifications for one or several vehicles, the deactivated user’s AutoRUC settings will be transferred to the user deactivating the AutoRUC user, and AutoRUC notifications will be forwarded to their email inbox.
  4. Yes to confirm.
  5. The user will no longer be able to log into MyEROAD.