Change Hubo (RUCHO)

Role(s): Client Administrator and Unit Manager.

RUCHO is the process of transferring your distance logging authority from a mechanical hubodometer (commonly found on the hub of a rear wheel) to your EROAD in-cab device, or back the other way.

Ehubo Registration

You are required to complete RUCHO for vehicles that have been fitted with an Ehubo or Chubo.

  • In RUC screen, click on Rucho Required, or
  • in Admin / Vehicles/Assets, select vehicle and click Change hubo (RUCHO).
  • The Activate Hubo screen will appear:

    Rucho Screen 1.0
  • Enter details: The information you require will be on your installation certificate.
    1. In Current (NZTA) Final reading, enter the old hubodometer reading.
    2. In New hubo start reading, enter the new hubodometer reading (usually “0”).
    3. In Odometer reading, enter the odometer reading of the powered vehicle.
    4. In Reason for Change, select Conversion when changing from a mechanical hubodometer to an EROAD unit.
  • Click Submit to NZTA.
  • In Submit RUCHO to NZTA screen, tick Certified.
  • Click Submit. The automatically generated RUCHO form will be submitted to NZTA electronically.
  • Note: Remove the mechanical hubodometer immediately.

    Changing from an Ehubo to a Hubodometer

    Once you have (re)fitted the new Mechanical Hubodometer to the vehicle:

    1. Admin > Vehicles/Assets, select vehicle and click Change Hubo (RUCHO). A RUCHO screen will appear.

    2. If the RUCHO - Hubodometer Change has been completed outside of MyEROAD e.g. at the Post Office or through a Direct Connect application:

      1. Select the option to use the NZTA Serial Number (the Hubodometer registered with NZTA)

      2. Submit. MyEROAD will be updated to match NZTA and licences can now be purchased for the new Hubodometer.

    3. If the RUCHO form has not been completed, i.e. the Hubodometer has not been registered with NZTA:

      1. Select the make and enter the serial number for the new hubodometer.

      2. Enter the final reading of the Hubodometer that you have replaced.

      3. Enter the start reading for the new hubodometer.

      4. Select a reason for changing the hubodometer.

      5. Submit.

    NZTA and MyEROAD will be updated with the new hubodometer details and ready for licences to be purchased.

    A PDF copy of the RUCHO form will display for you to complete if you choose to click on the link from the success screen.


    Download RUCHO Form