RUC Off-Road Reports

For each expired license, MyEROAD automatically generates an off-road report that summarises off-road distance and an estimated refund for the vehicle.

Refunds can be claimed with NZTA for up to 2 years from the purchase of a distance licence.

Note: While EROAD maintains historical geographic data for 2 years so that historical reports remain accurate, EROAD recommends that you make off-road rebate claims as recent as is practical.

Status of off-road Reports


 New  New Report

 Viewed  Viewed Report

submitted tick  Submitted

 Off-Road Report is included in a RUCOR claim that has been electronically submitted to NZTA. 

 The Off-Road Report will be automatically moved to the Archived tab.


 Claim generated 

 A RUCOR form for this off-road report has been created and submitted to NZTA manually.

 This status only applies to RUCOR claims that have been generated in PDF format and manually submitted to NZTA before March 2016. 

NOTE: Off-road Geofences in MyEROAD are not required to capture off-road travel. But this can be useful if mapping information incorrectly classifies a private road as public, and you wish to override the automatic calculation. A “tick” indicates public road travels. See below for details. 

How to review and verify off-road reports

Before submitting a refund claim, we recommend you review and verify off-road reports included in the claim.

NOTE: Off-road Reports that include travel on public roads, i.e. travel within off-road geofences that cover public roads, are marked with a tick.

RUC off road report 

We recommend you:

  • provide a valid explanation with each off-road geofence covering public roads, e.g. “Privately owned forest road” or
  • re-draw geofences to ensure they are not accidentally clipping public roads or
  • delete unnecessary off-road geofences as off-road travel is automatically calculated and off-road geofences are not required on well-known private roads

To review and verify an off-road report:

  1. In Reports / RUC Off-Road Reports, click Verify.
    The Verify Off-Road Journeys screen will appear, listing all off-road journeys

    RUC verifiy off road

  2. View journey details by clicking on a journey on the left-hand side to display the journey line in the map on the right-hand side of the screen.

    NOTE: The journey line on the map uses GPS plot points. The off-road distance however, is measured by the EROAD in-vehicle hardware unit, not by GPS. The Total distance for each journey includes the distance between the start and end indicators plus the distance from the nearest road to the start and end indicators.

    You can remove a journey by clicking Remove.
    You can view and edit Geofence details by clicking a Geofence and Edit/delete geofence.

    NOTE: Keep in mind that editing a Geofence might affect other off-road reports and reporting on geofence activity.

  3. Click on the next journey and repeat steps above.

  4. Once you have reviewed all journeys, click Save as new Report (if you have made changes) or Cancel.
  5.  Click re-run in Reports / RUC Off-Road Reports if you have made changes to off-road journeys in the Off-Road Report.
    A new report will be generated. Off-road distance and Estimated refund will be re-calculated.

    NOTE: You can re-run an Off-Road Report for up to 12 months after the Off-Road Report has been generated first. Previous versions can be accessed by clicking history.


Downloading a Report

You can download a CSV or PDF report by clicking the respective button in the lower right corner of the report.

How to claim refunds for off-road travel (RUCOR)

Before submitting a refund claim:

  • review and verify the off-road reports. Make sure to click re-run if you have added or edited off-road Geofences or if new map data has been released.

  • Make sure to enter your organisation’s main industry category and off-road customer number in Administration > My Organisation.


To electronically submit a RUCOR form to NZTA and apply for off-road travel refunds

  1. In Reports / RUC Off-Road Reports, select one or several Off-Road Reports (click box in heading to select all Off-Road Reports on the page).

  2. Click in Rego heading to sort Off-Road Reports in alphanumerical order by rego.

  3. Click Submit RUCOR to NZTA.
    The Submit RUCOR to NZTA screen will appear.

    RUCOR Submit edit1

  4. In Industry, select your organisation’s Industry class. This information is required by NZTA and will be included in the RUCOR form as Reason Code.

    NOTE: Industry will default with your organisation’s Industry class if entered in Administration / My Organisation. Find details here.

  5. Tick Certified.

  6. Click Submit.
    The RUCOR form(s) will be electronically submitted to NZTA, you will receive a copy by email. The Off-Road Report will be moved to the Archived tab.

    NOTE: If you choose to generate a RUCOR form in PDF format (View RUCOR PDF) and manually print and mail to NZTA, the Off-Road Report status will remain New or Viewed. You can manually move an Off-Road Report to the Archive tab by selecting the report and clicking Archive.