Driver Login Monitor


The Driver Login Monitor is a report enabling fleet managers to view driver login activity, thereby allowing managers to target fleets for improvement, where needed. Fleet managers can see which drivers are not logging in, so they can deliver feedback and better driver adoption. 

The report displays login percentages by group and vehicle, as well as driver login time. The lower section of the screen displays detailed driver and vehicle information by trip. Compare these values to determine driver login adherence. The report monitors any unit using a Driver ID, including the driver ID PIN on the Ehubo/2, driver ID card for the Ehubo 1, and the Driver Logbook driver IDs.

Report Criteria

The comparison charts are displayed with the following information:

Group Login %    Displays the percentage of login time by drivers vs total running time across all vehicles in the group
Vehicle Login % Displays the percentage of login time by drivers vs total running time for each vehicle
Driver Login Time Displays the time that each driver logged in
Driver Login by Trip Displays the driver login activity per trip


Driver Login Monitor Example



  1. Click the Reports menu and select Driver Login Monitor. Set the report parameters by using the options in the left pane of the Depot report screen.
  2. Click the date range drop-down arrow to change the reporting period, if needed. The report defaults to the last seven days.
    Alternatively, click the start and end date fields to select a custom date range, or click the left/right arrows to select the date range.
  3. Click a specific Group or leave it on the (All) default value.
  4. Click a specific Vehicle or leave it on the (All) default value.
  5. Click a specific Driver or leave it on the (All) default value.
  6. Enter the percentage in the Vehicle - Login Threshold (%) field or leave it at the 100% threshold.
  7. Click Submit to generate the report.
  8. (optional) Click spanner5 Tools and select an output option to export the report as a PDF or CSV file, or send via email.
  9. (optional) Click spanner5 Tools > Schedule Report to generate the report on a one-time, daily, or weekly basis.


TIP: All trips where no driver has logged in to the unit are denoted with a driver ID of No driver login.


Note: This report might not be available to all carriers. Contact Customer Success for more information.