Using Inspect Mobile

EROAD Inspect easily guides drivers through the process of checking the safety of the vehicle. As drivers work through each item, they can decide if an item is fine and passes, or if there is a potential risk or failure that requires immediate resolution. The driver can draw attention to an item by writing a comment, or attaching a photo. 

This section discusses the process of setting up your mobile device for EROAD Inspect.  

Internet Connection

You are required to have an Internet connection when you authenticate and first log into the application. Inspect downloads the vehicle list and associated templates at your first login. You won't be able to start an inspection until Inspect has downloaded the full list. This is a one-time event. An Internet connection is not required to complete an inspection. A connection is not required to submit the inspection and get updates about vehicles and their templates.

Setting up your mobile device

You need a username and a four-digit PIN required from your Driver Profile in Depot to set up Inspect on a mobile device. A staff member in your organization with Client Administrator permissions can supply this to you.               

1. Download the EROAD Inspect app to the mobile device.

Google Play™ Store link:

Apple® App Store® Link: Contact EROAD Support

2. Open the EROAD Inspect App after successfully downloading the app.
3. Enter your username.
4. Enter your four-digit PIN number.
5. Accept the Terms and Conditions.
6. Tap the arrow. Your device is now authenticated and ready for use.

Note: EROAD also offers an Android Package Kit (APK), if you have a mobile management solution. Contact EROAD to enable this option, if needed.

Conducting an Inspection

As a driver, you must first login (select your name and enter your four-digit PIN number) before you can complete an inspection. You can begin when the What are you inspecting? screen is displayed.

  1. Tap Add to open the list of vehicles and assets with your organisation.
  2. Select the vehicle, trailer, or asset to inspect. Each unit is identified by registration number and a display name.
  3. Tap the applicable icon to select if the inspection is before (PRE TRIP) or after (POST TRIP) a trip.
  4. Tap the arrow at the Now inspecting screen, and EROAD Inspect easily guides you through the inspection, item by item.

Inspection options

EROAD Inspect enables you to pass, fail, or mark an item as not applicable, and review the results of your inspection from your mobile device.

PASS, FAIL, NA, Review


  • Select NA if the item does not apply to the specific truck, trailer, or asset being inspected.
  • Tap PASS, to pass an item.
  • Tap FAIL, to fail an item that does not meet your requirements, and you are prompted to add a message
    (e.g., description of why you selected to fail the item).


You cannot move to the next item until a message is completed. You can add up to three photos per item through the App. In the future, you will be able to add a photo taken directly from the mobile device. You are able to edit comments and photos.

  • Tap PRE (previous) to go back and review again or to change a result, to review items already inspected.

Complete your Inspection

A Summary screen displays the overall result of the DVIR, when your inspection is completed. Tap Submit, if you are finished with the inspection. The inspection report is automatically generated in Depot for each equipment inspected.


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