Synchronising Odo distance

Frequency of synchronisation

When the light vehicle is first set up in EROAD’s Depot, the customer needs to synch the EROAD unit (EhuboLite or Gen2) to the odometer reading in Depot.  For new installs we recommend the customer synchronises the EROAD unit to the odometer at the following frequency: 

  1. every week; or
  2. every 400kms, 

whichever occurs first.  

To keep any difference between the odometer and the EROAD unit to a minimum, this initial synchronisation needs to be carried out three times over the first three weeks from install or the first 1200 kms the vehicle travels (whichever occurs first). Once the initial three synchronisations above have been completed, EROAD then recommends that, on an ongoing basis, the customer inputs the odometer reading into Depot every 2000kms or once a month (whichever occurs first). 

By doing this process, the distance reading shown on the screen of the EROAD unit will reflect the odometer’s actual reading. This helps ensure that AUTORUC purchases match your odometer reading, and that scheduled services prompts and notifications are in line with the distance recorded by your odometer.

The distance reading displayed within the Depot is based on the EhuboLITE. Gen2 or Elocate distance recorded - until you Synchronise with your vehicle odometer reading.Once Synchronised the odometer reading will continue to be incremented by the EhuboLite. Gen2 or Elocate distance, however you should continue to Synchronise the odometer to ensure this remains accurate within the Depot.

* Only users with the RUC, Service, Unit Manager and/or Client Administrator role can Synchronise the distance reading with their vehicle odometer for vehicles assigned to them.

Synchronisation of distance with your vehicle's odometer reading

You need to synchronise your Ehubolite distance to your vehicle's odo when you initially set up your vehicle, and monthly thereafter.

  1. Go to the RUC screen of the Depot (or alternatively select the vehicle in the RUC or Service screen).

  2. Click on the     for the vehicle and this screen will appear:


bobs van


      3. Enter the odometer reading recently taken from the vehicle

      4. Enter the date and time the reading was taken

      5. Click the button 'Update'. The reading shows on the RUC screen and on the Ehubolite.

      6. Remove the paper label from the vehicle.


Synchronisation of distance with your vehicle's odometer reading - Elocate or Ehubolite

Elocate and Ehubolite distance can be synchronised with the vehicle's odometer reading in the Activity or Service screen.

To enter your vehicle's odometer reading:

  1. Go to the Activity or Service screen.

Activity screen

odo synch


Service screen

service odo2

      2. Enter the odometer reading recently taken from the vehicle

      3. Enter the date and time the reading was taken

      4. Click the button "Update".