Export a Defects Report

You can export Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR) Defect(s) Reports through the Depot Inspect Defect Board. This feature enables you to export and share reported defects with service providers, who are not Depot users.

Multiple defect cards can be consolidated into one report to monitor the status of repair requirements on an ongoing basis. Each report includes the following information.

  • Motor carrier name
  • Motor carrier address
  • Number of vehicles included in the report
  • Number of defects included in the report
  • Vehicle license number for each defect
  • Vehicle name for each defect
  • Defect result (safe, not safe, etc.)
  • DVIR date
  • Defect description 
  • Defect photographs, if included

Select Defect Cards for Export

Perform the following steps to export a defect report in a portable document format (PDF).

1. Click Inspect in the red menu bar. Inspect automatically opens the Defect Board.

2. Hover over the defect card that you want to include in the report to reveal a check box.

1 Open Defect Board3 

3. Click the check box on the defect card. Note: A blue banner appears above the defect cards after the check box is enabled.

4. (optional) Repeat this step for each card that should be included in the report.

5. Click the Export via email link in the blue banner. The Defect report is mailed to the user in PDF format.

2 Select Defect Card edited2

A confirmation message appears at the bottom of the screen.

6. Click the OK button.

3 Confirmation message 


Accessing the Defects Report

Perform the following steps to access the Defects report.

1. Navigate to your email folder and open the export message.

2. Click the blue Download Report button in the message.

4 Inspect email sent to user edited2

The Defect report appears on screen.

6 Defect Report 




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