Clarity Dashcam

 Dashcam renderedClarity Dashcam is a device that's been designed to require little-to-no operation or maintenance. Other than very occasional manual triggering, operation is largely automatic.

Ignition on

Clarity Dashcam turns on when the vehicle turns on. There is no additional powering task.

On ignition, the unit powers up and begins recording a constant stream of video data through one or both of its cameras (and a microphone, if the audio service has been activated).

While in use, Clarity may receive automatically triggered events from the vehicle's EROAD ELD:

  • Harsh braking
  • Harsh Acceleration
  • Sharp Cornering

The driver may also manually trigger an event by pressing the dashcam's manual trigger (back of the unit), or – if installed – a more conveniently located remote trigger button.

All events send a bundled 20-second video clip from before and after the event trigger to a storage location on the Internet. The event may be reviewed privately and securely by specialist organisation employees trained and authorised to handle this material.

Secure location lens caps

Drivers may be required to cover lenses when travelling through secure locations, such as military bases or private yards. These covers slide on easily.

Please remove these covers when exiting a secure area.


There are no user-serviceable parts with Clarity Dashcam. If the lenses have become soiled, cleaning them may be covered by your company's maintenance policy, or you may be asked to clean them with a soft cloth, possibly with an approved cleaning fluid.

Please ensure the windshield is also clean and clear of any obstructions, smears or dirt before travelling.