Beep until Login

Beep until Login is an Ehubo2 option that makes the Ehubo2 beep - while displaying a login message - until the Driver logs in.


When a Driver gets the Beep until Login alert they must:
  1. Bring the vehicle to a complete stop under vehicle power. The 'Please STOP and LOG IN' message will be removed, but beeping will continue. The Driver Login screen is presented.
  2. The Driver logs in to the Ehubo2.
  3. The beeping terminates, and the Driver may operate the vehicle normally.

Enabling Beep until Login

Customers with Driver Login Enabled have the feature Beep until Login. It is off by default, and enabled on a per-vehicle basis from MyEROAD.

To activate Beep Until Login:

  1. Administration > Vehicles / Assets
  2. Select a vehicle with an Ehubo2 installed. The Manage vehicle screen appears.
  3. Ehubo Features > Manage features. The Ehubo features pop-up appears.
  4. If Beep Until Login is not listed as a switchable feature: Click Driver Login. The Beep until Login switch appears.
  5. Click Beep until Login.

The vehicle's Ehubo2 will now beep until a Driver logs into the vehicle's Ehubo2.

Note: In terms of Ehubo2 alerts, Beep until Login is a low priority notification. Other alerts, such as Drive Buddy or warnings take precedence.