Fuel Consumption Chart

The Fuel Consumption chart is accessed from the Fuel Report and displays fuel consumption over distance travelling.

  • Click to access the Fuel Consumption chart for a selected vehicle.
  • Consumption chart will open and plot the vehicle's fuel consumption for the selected reporting period.

* You can change the timeframe of the report by clicking on the date drop down and/or using the blue arrows.


Comparing vehicle fuel consumption

Compare vehicle fuel consumption by clicking: "Add more vehicles" or compare fleet fuel consumption by clicking "Compare Fleet Averages".

The fuel consumption for the selected vehicles(s) will then also be plotted for the defined reporting period.


Exporting the Report

This report can be exported in PDF format, by clicking in the Tools dropdown in the top right hand corner of the screen.


Setting up Fuel Reports

If you can't see this report you may need to set up the fuel data feed from your fuel provider.