Inspect Overview

EROAD Inspect sets the standard for vehicle inspections and is the best solution for your vehicle health and safety needs. Eroad offers two versions of this product. It is automatically enabled for all existing and new customers. The Subscription section below provides more details.

EROAD Inspect provides the transparency and flexibility to meet your pre-trip and post-trip vehicle inspection requirements, in combination with our web-based platform, Depot. EROAD Inspect is a stand-alone product and must be downloaded separately. 

EROAD’s Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR) enables drivers to add feedback regarding the condition of a vehicle, asset or trailer, and include photographic evidence, as required. All completed reports can be reviewed and are stored in Depot. 

Preparing your Organization for EROAD Inspect

Ensure that vehicles using EROAD Inspect are listed in Depot (they do not need an EROAD hardware product installed in it) in order to complete inspections. An inspection template must be assigned to each vehicle using Inspect. Complete the following processes for your organization and for your drivers:

Setup Depot for Inspect                     

Using Inspect (Mobile Device) 

Driver profiles must be setup in Depot for EROAD Inspect to function properly. Required information in the driver profile includes:

  1. Four-digit unique driver PIN assigned to the driver
  2. Inspect app User setting is switched on
  3. Unique username is present


EROAD Inspect is free to download from the New Zealand Google Play™ or Apple® App Store®. To enable the features of Inspect, you are required to have the EROAD Depot application associated with your organisation. You are charged for each unique vehicle, asset, or trailer that has a completed Inspection during the billing period.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Notify us in writing 30 days in advance if you decide to cancel your subscription to this service. You will be charged for the last billing period in full. You must email your request to the following email address: You will receive a confirmation of your request within two business days with notification of your last day of service, which will be end of the current billing period.



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