Activity Map

Activity Map

 Activity map AKL

The Fleet Map allows users to:

  • display up to 10,000 items (up to 1000 un-clustered assets, or 10000 clustered)
  • Toggle clustering and route information overlays

On a mobile device, your first view may be LIST, listing vehicles in your fleet.

  • Tap a vehicle to get more vehicle details.
  • Tap in the Search field to enter a vehicle name or license plate of a targeted vehicle.
  • If you have assigned your vehicles into groups, tap Select groups to cut down your listed vehicles.
  • Tap Filter to list only vehicles with certain criteria.
  • To switch to Map view, tap MAP.

Fleet Map features:

  • Clusters: These big blue circles are vehicles in close proximity. As you zoom in, Clusters will split into smaller clusters, eventually resolving into individual vehicles at extreme zoom levels.

    • Tap a cluster to zoom into it until it makes its first split.
  • Stopped Vehicles: These appear as red dots with a white square. These are the last reported locations of these vehicles.
  • En Route Vehicles: These appear as green dots with a white arrow, pointing in the general direction of travel.

    • Tap an individual vehicle to present vehicle details.

Map layers

Tap 09 mapLayersin mobile view or the map thumbnail in desktop view to select a number of map underlays, with different overlay options.


  • Default: Soft geographical detail; strong road representation
  • Terrain: Sharp geographical detail; strong road representation
  • Satellite: Photographic geographical detail; false colour main road representation


  • Truck: Highlights truck details such as tare weight tolerances and clearance restrictions
  • Traffic: Outlines main routes depending on zoom level.
  • Clusters: Numbers vehicles in close proximity in large blue dots, depending on zoom level.