Driver Logbook Violations Report


EROAD's Driver Logbook Violations report saves you time and effort in managing drivers' logbook compliance. You no longer have to manually review each driver's logbook, one at a time, to identify what violation had occurred. The report provides improved visibility of your hours of service compliance.

The Driver Logbook Violations report provides a summary of driver violations that have occurred within a selected time period — not more than 31 days. The report defaults to the most recent working week when it is first opened. The name of the driver with the most violations appears at the top of the table. The detailed view displays the violation type, start time, end time, and time in violation.

  • Hide Details View — Shows a summary of who has received a violation and includes a total count within the selected time frame.
  • Show Details View — Shows details of the violations, including the type, start time, end time, and duration, if applicable.

    Violations with a non-applicable duration show as 0h00m.

Accessing the Report

Perform the following steps to access the report.

1. Click Reports in the red menu bar.

2. Click the Driver Logbook Violations icon in the Driver reports section.

Driver Logbook Violations report icon

The Driver Logbook Violations report appears. The report defaults to the Work Weekly time period.

3. (optional) Click the time frame drop-down list to select the period (choose from Work Weekly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or a Date Range).

4. (optional) Click the back arrow to view previous reporting periods, if needed.

5. (optional) The report defaults to Hide Details. Click Show Details to examine detailed information for each violation included in the report.

Driver Logbook Violations Report2



A violation can only be removed if a driver made a mistake with his/her last duty status and has rolled back the time period. This might happen if the driver forgets to end the work day and has an Overwork violation. After starting the logbook the next day, the driver ends the work day at the correct time, which removes the violation.

The following table defines each violation type.

Violation Type


Insufficient Continuous Rest   A driver must take a 10-hour continuous rest within a cumulative work day of 24 hours.  A driver will violate this rule if he/she does not take a 10-hour continuous rest 14 hours from the time he/she starts work.
Insufficient Break This violation occurs when a driver does not take the full length of the required rest break.

This violation occurs if a driver:

  • Has not taken a rest of 30 minutes or more after working or driving for longer than 5-1/2 hours
  • Has worked a total of more than 13 hours in a cumulative work day
  • Has worked a total of more than 70 hours in a cumulative work period












Note: This report cannot be scheduled or exported.