EROAD Share Overview

With EROAD’s Share feature you can securely share vehicle data with your partner organisations and integrate shared vehicles into your own fleet.

View activity of shared vehicles in your activity screen to better manage dispatch, journey planning and other operational tasks across all the vehicles working for you.

Share screen AUS3


EROAD Share is a powerful feature with great benefits for a number of business models:

Large fleets working with subcontractors

Fleet managers who work with subcontractors and other related parties can have visibility of all the vehicles available to them. They no longer have to rely on txt messages or phone calls to determine the location of vehicles belonging to subcontractors and they are able to verify that work obligations have been met. 

Parent companies & subsidiaries

Large organisations with multiple subsidiaries can view all of the fleets within the group as one, to better manage dispatch, job planning and other operational tasks.

Leasing companies

Lessors can view vehicles that they lease out to keep track of the vehicles they own. Lessors can also share a view of the vehicle’s activity with the Lessee.

Civil Defence

In a case of emergency civil defence coordinators can view locations of all vehicles available to them to quickly and effectively organise a suitable response to the situation.


What information can be shared?

You can choose to share all or some of the following:

 Shared information   Details 

 Current Location  

 Allows the viewing organisation to see current information of shared vehicles:

  • current location of shared vehicles with no access to historical events (“dot on the map”).
  • current RUC status of shared vehicles 
 Activity History 

 Allows the viewing organisation to see current and past activity of shared vehicles: 

  • journey line on the map for the current day.
  • today’s significant events on the Activity pane.
  • Daily Activity Reports for the time period the vehicles are shared with you.
 Partner Gateway  

 Allows the viewing organisation to monitor Partner Gateway activity of shared vehicles:

  • Up to 5 Partner Gateway tabs will be shared and displayed in the Activity screen.
 If both organisations have set up Partner Gateways with identical tab names (e.g. Euroscan), Partner Gateway data feeds can be shared into the same tab
 Over Speed Dashboard 

 Allows the viewing organisation to monitor speed events of shared vehicles


 Allows the viewing organisation to monitor shared vehicles on the Leaderboard and Driver Insight

  • shared vehicles can be ranked on the viewing organisation’s Leaderboard alongside their own vehicles
  • Driver Insight reports can be created for shared vehicles


How to set up EROAD Share?

Establishing a Share connection between two organisations is easy, the Sharing Organisation simply invites a partner organisation by email to view their vehicles. The Share connection will be active and shared vehicles can be viewed once the partner organisation has accepted the invitation.

The Sharing Organisation can share and un-share vehicles at any time.

Find detailed instructions on how to set up EROAD Share and how to work with shared vehicles.