Monitoring Vehicle and Logbook Usage

Trip Purpose Graph

Headline metrics for the selected vehicle, group, or organisation help you quickly understand if the logbooks are being completed, and if vehicles are being used as expected. The Trip Purpose graph displays the percentage of private and business use over the past 12 months. These percentages support the monitoring of patterns of use and show vehicles, which have a high number of unclassified trips — where the trip purpose has not been added.

Trip Purpose screen Headline Metrics Depot5


Summary View

The table under the graph provides a summary view of all business and private usage, as well as a count of unclassified trips covering the 12-week period selected in the graph. 

  • Click the title of any column to sort the column information, which helps quickly drill down on issues of concern.

Trip Purpose Summary Table Headline Metrics Depot2


The summary view can be exported or scheduled and sent directly to your email for ongoing monitoring of compliance and usage patterns.

FBT Calculation

The calculation of the Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) is based on your selection of a 12-week period of time. The Australia Taxation Office (ATO) requires that this 12-week period be representative of vehicle use in your business. EROAD uses the Operating Cost method to calculate FBT. 

Selecting the 12-Week Reporting Period

Review the metrics to determine the 12-week period that represents the optimal reporting period. 

  • Drag the shaded blue area on the graph to move it over different 12-week reporting periods. 

The headline metrics quickly recalculate, showing the percentage of business and private use across the fleet. This assists you in selecting an appropriate 12-week window of activity.



Getting Started with the FBT Setup Wizard

Electronic FBT Logbook

Managing the Electronic FBT Logbook