Manage driver details in MyEROAD

You can manage your drivers’ details in the DRIVER tab in Depot. This is an easy way to add or edit one or a few drivers.


To add or edit a driver:

1. Go to DRIVER tab.

2. Click add driver icon to add a driver, or select a driver to edit details.

3. In Details, enter driver details:

driver tab 2 details

  • Enter a 4-digit numeric Driver Pin to enable drivers to log in on the Ehubo2 or the EROAD Driver app.
  • Turn on Driver ID and add the driver’s Driver ID Card Number to enable the driver to log in on an EROAD Driver ID unit.
  • Turn on Driver App User to enable the driver to use the Electronic Logbook and other features on the EROAD Driver app. Disable Driver Logbook Edits if required.
  • In Groups (Fleets), assign the driver to groups.

4. In Licences, enter the driver’s licence(s):

driver tab 3 licences

  • Enter/edit details
  • Click + ADD A LICENCE to add another licence, and select Primary Licence – this licence will be listed against the driver on the main screen
  • Click <icon> to delete a licence.

5. Click ADD or UPDATE.
The Driver will be listed on the DRIVER tab. 


To delete a driver:

  1. Go to DRIVER tab.
  2. Select one or several driver(s).
  3. Click delete2.
  4. Confirm by clicking DELETE.
    Driver(s) will be removed from the DRIVER tab.