Why is my vehicle not showing in the right place?

There could be two reasons for this:


1. The vehicle is outside of mobile coverage area

This means that MyEROAD will show the last known location because the unit is not reporting in to MyEROAD so the vehicle can appear to be “stuck” in the same position.
If the vehicle is not reporting for more than 24 hours, then the vehicle icon on the Activity screen will become dim.
When the vehicle comes back into the mobile coverage area, all events will be uploaded to MyEROAD and no information will be lost.


2. Lack of GPS coverage

In some areas the GPS coverage is not optimal which means that we cannot pinpoint the exact location.
This can e.g. happen in hilly areas, tunnels and inside buildings where the EROAD unit doesn’t have a view to a clear sky.
We still know the vehicle speed and the distance travelled and the unit is still counting kilometres.