Action Center Overview

The Action Center Action Center Crop 2.0 shortcut in MyEROAD is located on the top red navigation bar.

The Action Center notifies you about tasks which need attention to keep your fleet and drivers up to date. You can resolve these tasks directly through the Action Center links.

Action Center Preferences

The preferences icon in the Action Center enables you to remove tasks from view. This is useful if certain features are not relevant to your organization.

To change what features are visible:

1. Click the icon in the Action Center (see below) and click Action Center Preferences.


2. In the Preferences menu, click a switch to remove or add the feature from view and save your changes. By default, all features are visible. 


Resolving Issues from the Action Center

Click the links in the Action Center to complete the required tasks. The following tasks are currently included:

Resolving Out of Ruc Licenses

Resolving Unassigned Ehubos

Resolving Off-Road Claims