Service Plans

Service Plans allow fleet managers to collate different service and maintenance checks into planned update schedules, ensuring vehicle regular maintenance compliance while reducing individual management. Service plans allow fleet managers a convenient way to record, store and apply multiple manufacture-required service types and their specified intervals, in one package.

What's the difference between a Service and a Plan?

A 'service' is simply a specific maintenance or repair check, like an oil check. A service may also be a regulated series of checks, like a vehicle inspection check or an A Service check.

A 'service plan' is a bundle of these scheduled services that you can assign to vehicles all at once. Each service within a plan may trigger at different dates, engine hours or distances.

Service > Service Plans

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The initial screen lists plans that have been created.

  • Click a Service Plan to view its bundled services and configuration.
    • Click Edit to change the bundled services.
    • Click Create service plan to create a new one.

Create service plan


  1. Because service plans are usually allocated to fleets, sub-fleets or groups of vehicles with the same make model and year, create a naming system that best reflects how you will apply these plans.
    Vehicles you lease might require slightly different intervals vehicles ones you own.
  2. Select your Service type. Service types are pre-created by those with admin permissions.
  3. Select your Supplier. Suppliers are pre-populated by those with admin permissions.
  4. Select a Criteria. Once selected, set your Due soon threshold. This sets the status switchpoint from upcoming (green) to due (orange).

    Distance and Engine hour criteria may only be applied to vehicles equipped with an EHUBO.

  5. Set your Repeat every trigger (Optional). Depending on the triggering criteria, this automates ongoing service alerts to the system.
  6. Click + to Add another Criteria. You may add additional triggers for this service.
  7. Service types. These may be added, changed or deleted by those with admin permissions.

You may also:

  • Add another service to this service plan. Bundling different service together allows for very quick assignment to vehicles.
  • Save this plan when finished.

Applying a service plan to a vehicle

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  1. Select a vehicle from the asset table. A side drawer will open containing vehicle details and schedules.
  2. Select Schedule new service from the side drawer.


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  1. Click Load service plan to select from a list of existing service plans.
  2. The first time you load a plan, the Next occurrence values are defaulted to today's date, distance and engine hours. You may change these to your vehicle's historically recorded next occurrence values.

Certain service type intervals (eg. an A Service) cannot be overridden by other service plans that contain the same service. An example: A vehicle is assigned a service plan that contained an A Service. If you tried to assign another A service, it would be greyed out.

Managing service types

Currently, service types may be managed in the original Service toolset. For more information on Service types, go here.