Activity Screen

The Activity screen gives you up-to-date information on the location of your vehicles.

If you have at least one vehicle or asset being tracked, the Activity screen will be your home page in MyEROAD. If you do not have vehicles or assets tracked, you will not see the Activity screen and a different MyEROAD page will be your home page.


View your vehicles on the map

  • If you have a large number of vehicles, paging will appear at the bottom of the vehicle list. Click on the arrows to change pages.
  • Only those vehicles for the page you are viewing will be displayed on the Map.
  • You can sort your vehicle list by clicking on the Name or the Last Location column headings.


See where your vehicle has been today

  • Select the Vehicle, and click on the Journey Line icon in the bubble to see the daily journey line and where the vehicle has been today.

Activity Screen2


  • View the Vehicle's significant events, including ignition on, ignition off, geofence entry, exit and the vehicle's latest location, in the Activity tab at the bottom of the screen.

activity log


Exclude trailers from your vehicle list

  • If you have an EROAD unit installed in a trailer you will see the filter "Include trailers".
  • The filter allows you to reduce the number of vehicles displayed by removing trailers from this view.
  • To exclude your trailers from the view, untick the checkbox "Include trailers".


View one or more groups (fleets) on the map

  • The groups list shows you which groups are displayed on the map, it will default to showing all groups.
  • To see one or selected groups on the map, click on group list, select the groups you want to see, and click Go.

multifleet select2


Vehicle details and Ehubo Status

Your vehicles are displayed on the Vehicles tab, including the vehicles’ last location.

When selecting a vehicle on the Vehicles tab, you can access further vehicle details at the bottom of the screen, including Ehubo status messages on the Details tab.


Driver details

The Drivers tab helps you keep track of driver activity at all times. Your drivers are displayed on the Drivers tab, including last known vehicle location information and log in status (if available).

When selecting a driver on the Drivers tab, you can access further driver details at the bottom of the screen.


Expand the map

In the bottom left hand corner of the map are two buttons with arrows on them.

  • To expand the map horizontally (over the vehicle list), click the Map Resizer button
  • To expand the map down, click the Map Resizer button.
  • Click again to return the map to its previous placement.