Manage Ehubo2 features

You can customise the feature range available on your fleet’s Ehubo2 units with just a few clicks in MyEROAD.

This flexible approach allows you to remove features that are not required for your fleet or for selected vehicles, and you can introduce new features at your own pace with a phased roll-out process.

NOTE: You can only activate features that are included in currently assigned vehicle plans. Please contact EROAD Customer Support if you wish to upgrade a vehicle plan.


Manage Features for Ehubo2 Units

You may manage features individually for a vehicle or asset, or if the feature is common to several vehicles operating in the same service plan, to a group.


  1. Administration > Vehicles/Assets. The vehicles and assets lists appears.
  2. Select a vehicle with an Ehubo2 attached. The Manage Vehicle screen appears.
  3. Ehubo features > Manage features. The Ehubo features dialog box appears.
  4. Click the features to be enabled for this Ehubo.
  5. Click Apply to confirm your selection. The selected range of features is updated on the chosen Ehubo.

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As a group:

  1. Administration > Vehicles/Assets. The Manage Vehicles list appears.
  2. Select the vehicles/assets for which you wish features as a group using each listing's checkbox.
  3. Click Manage Features. The Ehubo features dialog box appears.
  4. Select the features you wish to activate in the group.
  5. Apply.

Note: If the feature switches are all greyed out, whether they're on or off, one or more of the vehicles selected operates under a different service plan.