GeoAlerts for drivers

Role: Driver/Operator

Note: These features and explanations do not apply to Depot, EROAD's legacy version of MyEROAD.

Vehicles entering and/or exiting geofences defined in MyEROAD will have high-priority alerts sent to the vehicle's alert-ready EROAD device while managing driver distraction.

GeoAlerts are short messages that appear on alert-ready devices, featuring:

  • Optional sound alerts
  • Reduced screen glare contrast
  • 'View later' ability once stopped

07 bridgeHeightMax14ft

Moving Alert: 25 chars

08 flooding

Stopped Alert. Max 200 chars

GeoAlerts are timed, and if multiple alerts are triggered, scheduled for view.

Moving vs. Stopped GeoAlerts

If more than one alert is triggered, sending multiple messages to a device, each message is sent to two different queues: Moving and Stopped.

The Moving queue is constantly processed when triggered. Each message displays for 15 seconds, then the next. Moving messages may be displayed when the vehicle is either moving or stopped.

The Stopped queue is only processed when the vehicle is stationary. The Stopped queue takes precedence over the Moving queue. If both Moving and Stopped alerts are sent to the device when Stopped, The Stopped queue is delivered first, sequentially, followed by the Moving queue sequentially.