Ehubo Audit Reports

The Ehubo utilises sophisticated tamper detection techniques to maintain security against external tampering with sensor inputs. Should an attempt be made to open the case, interfere with the internal circuitry, or tamper with the sensor inputs, the Ehubo will enter into an unauthorised mode.


Once the Ehubo detects a fault/tamper and enters an unauthorised mode, an Audit Report will be created. This can be viewed by Client Administrators and Unit Managers in the Ehubo Audit Report section of MyEROAD.

Please contact Eroad Support if your Ehubo enters into an unauthorised mode to resolve the fault/tamper via a formal resolution process.

You can contact EROAD support on 1300 437 623, option 3 , weekdays between 7am and 7pm (ADST) to address the issue.


The Fault Resolution Process

The Fault Resolution Process is a formal process where all details of the fault/tamper are logged in an Audit Report available under the Ehubo Audit Reports area of the Depot. While the Ehubo is in an unauthorised mode and until the Audit Report has been closed, a Blue Unauthorised icon will be displayed beside the vehicle in the MyEROAD screen.


EROAD staff will ask a number of questions to establish the reason for the Ehubo having detected a fault/tamper and will need to be satisfied that the Ehubo is able to be set back to an authorised mode.

The unauthorised mode is indicated by the Ehubo beeping three times and the blue status LED blinking. The Ehubo will automatically display the Support screen.

It is likely that an authorised installer will be sent to investigate the Ehubo wiring and hardware. At the completion of the fault resolution investigation, if the Ehubo was found to be faulty it will be replaced by the approved installer. If the hardware is found to be working correctly and it is the wiring or sensors at fault then the installer will rectify this and inform EROAD about the fault.


Once the fault/tamper has been resolved, EROAD will re-authorise the Ehubo, returning it to the normal operating mode and record the details of the resolution process in the Audit Report. The Ehubo will no longer beep, be showing the Support Screen, or be blinking the bright blue LED and distance measurements will become authorised again.