Getting Started with the FBT Setup Wizard


The EROAD Electronic Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) Logbook supports employers with business vehicles available for private use, who elect to calculate the taxable value of car fringe benefits using the Operating Cost method under section 10 of the Australian Government Fringe Benefit Tax Assessment Act (FBTAA). 

The  Electronic FBT Logbook makes it simple to collect the purpose of every trip for the data collection period. Just tap a button on the EROAD in-vehicle unit, the Ehubo2 to specify the trip purpose. 

Operations staff members have access to headline metrics to monitor vehicle usage and compliance. They can access summary data or export individual logbook details for spot checks and auditing. 

Getting Started

The setup wizard is triggered the first time you access the eFBT icon under the Tax menu. The wizard prompts the Client Administrator to select vehicles or groups for FBT feature activation. Then, the Ehubo in each selected vehicle prompts the driver to input a trip purpose at ignition ON with each new trip. A vehicle must be on a suitable plan to be able to use the electronic FBT Logbook.

Perform the following steps to access this screen.

  1. Click the Tax menu in the red menu bar. The Fringe Benefits Tax screen automatically appears.
  2. Click the Get Started button.

FBT Home screen 1


3. Click the checkbox to the left of each vehicle name/number that you want to monitor. Note: Click a down arrow to open a vehicle group.

4. (optional) Click the Select All link to select all vehicles in the fleet.

5. Click the Next button to continue.


Fringe Benefits Tax screen


The FBT wizard tracks each step in the process and check marks the completed steps. 

6. Click the Start button in the Setup Summary screen to complete the setup wizard.

FBT Setup Summary screen




Electronic FBT Logbook

Monitoring Vehicle and Logbook Usage

Managing the Electronic FBT Logbook