Leaderboard operation

leaderboard explained01

The Leaderboard report has several charts.

Vehicle/Driver Leaderboard

The Leaderboard is a quick overview of vehicle/driver performance with respect to driving safety.

Use the top-left truck/driver button to toggle between the Vehicle and Driver leaderboards.

Leaderboard driver vehicle

Leaderboard table

leaderboard oneRow

  1. Name. The Vehicle/Driver name.

  2. Rank. The best-to-worst ranking number across all drivers in your org.

  3. Star rating:

    1. 5 Stars: Top 10%

    2. 4 Stars: Upper 25%

    3. 3 Stars: Middle 40%

    4. 2 Stars: Lower 24%

    5. 1 Star: Lowest 1%

  4. Rank Change: The positional change since the last similar period defined in the Insights Filter section. The trend arrow indicates whether drivers' ranks are holding steady, improving, or worsening, and the number indicates how much each driver's rank changed.

The table may be sorted by clicking column headers, and you may isolate vehicle/driver data across the report by clicking a row.

Insights Filter

leaderboard explained02

The Insights Filter defines the dimensions of the charts in this report. Charts dynamically update as you adjust the parameters.



leaderboard bigStats

Some easy-access totals and trends from the last similar period defined in the Insights Filter.

Average Star Rating Trend

This graph shows the overall ranking trend of the selected segment over time.

Event (Violation) Trend

This graph displays the frequency of triggered events for the selected segment over time.

Star Rating Distribution

For a breakdown of how the fleet segment is doing with respect to safety, each star segment shows the number of vehicles/drivers, and the percentage of vehicle/drivers in that category.

Drilling down

 leaderboard drilldown

All charts in a report are dynamic, with drill-throughs.

Dynamic: Selecting a chart row/graph point ‘focuses’ the representation of that data point across all charts. To de-focus, re-click the chart row/graph point.

Drill-throughs: Right-clicking on tables exposes new menu options, including drill-throughs to the Vehicle Details report.