Fuel Exception Report

The Fuel Exception Report in Reports / Fuel Exception Report monitors fuel transactions to identify exception based activity across your fleet. The report enables you to quickly find irregularities in fuel consumption and take corrective measures if required.

NOTE: The Fuel Exception Report does not contain information for today, uploaded fuel transactions will be processed overnight.

The report lists fuel transactions per vehicle including the following details:

  • Vehicle Name
  • Driver
  • Transaction Date
  • Reading, km
  • Distance, km since last fill
  • Fuel Qty (Litres)
  • Cost $
  • Supplier
  • Site Location
  • Exception

The report tracks the following Exceptions:

Exception Details Example

Fill up location does not match actual vehicle location at the time of the transaction

Location: Vehicle 120.7 km away 

The consumption for a fuel transaction is notably above or below the average consumption for the vehicle.

Consumption: 31% > avg 5.09L/100km

Fuel type

The fuel purchased in the transaction is not what is normally purchased for the vehicle.

Fuel Type: PETROL used
Missing Jurisdiction

The fuel transaction does not have a Jurisdiction value

Missing Jurisdiction


Viewing the Report

To select vehicles to include in the report:

  • Click on the vehicle drop down.
  • Select a fleet or Select Specific Vehicles and choose one or several vehicles.

 To choose a reporting period:

  • Select a time period from the drop down.
  • Select a reporting period by using the date picker or clicking the blue arrows Previous Next.

 To sort the order of fuel transactions:

  • Click in the column header(s) as required.


Viewing details

To drill down and access detailed information:

  • Click transaction date to view the vehicle’s Daily Activity Report that includes the fuel transaction.
  • Click <icon> to view the fuel transaction.


Exporting the report

To export the report in either PDF or CSV format:

  • Click in the Tools dropdown toolsMenuin the top right hand corner of the screen.
  • Select Export PDF or Export CSV.

The report can also be scheduled.