Electronic FBT Logbook

Drivers enter the trip purpose into the Electronic Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) Logbook after login to the Ehubo 2. The trip purpose is entered at the start of each journey. There are two types of trips: Private or Business. The Australian Tax Office (ATO) requires a reason when recording business trips. The Business category on the Ehubo 2 screen includes several different buttons to facilitate business use.

  • Tap the button that specifies your trip purpose. The following example shows a business trip to visit a customer. 

Trip Purpose screen Ehubo2

The trip purpose defaults to the previously selected option for journeys on the same day, to make it quick and easy for the driver.

  • This can be changed either at the start of the trip or edited when the vehicle has stopped.
  • The trip purpose defaults to Private Trip for Australian Taxation Office (ATO) FBT reporting purposes if no trip purpose is selected.


Home driving Ehubo2



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