Proof of Service FAQs

Review the following frequently asked questions (FAQs) for more information about the Proof of Service report.


How do I access the Proof of Service Report?

You can access this report by clicking on the Reports menu and then click the Proof of Service report icon.


Who can see the Proof of Service report?

You will have access to the Proof of Service report after purchasing the subscription and having the module enabled. Fleet Managers, Client Administrators, and reporting users are able to view the report.


How far back in time can I go to see my work?

The Proof of Service report shows activity of vehicles with sensors, from sensor ON to sensor OFF, from one day to one month’s time. Activity is visible from the date that the report was enabled for the organisation. 


How can I search for vehicle activity?

You can search for a vehicle within a group that is selected. Once your search is configured to view certain groups, you can go inside the group of vehicles to search for a particular vehicle. 


How do I name my sensors correctly for better reporting?

Click Settings > Administration > Vehicles > Input Outputs panel. Click Edit to label the I/O sensors for the vehicle. Ensure that the physically connected sensor is labelled to the correct Input, such as 1, 2 or 3. The installer should provide these details when the I/O is physically installed.  


How do I connect a new sensor?

Call EROAD Support or your Sales Representative to request a sensor to be connected to an Ehubo 2 that is already installed in your vehicle or request that the sensor be connected when an Ehubo 2 is newly installed. Note: There is an additional charge for this service. 


How do I purchase the Proof of Service report?

Contact your Customer Account Manager or email EROAD Support to subscribe to the Proof of Service report.



Proof of Service Report