In the DRIVER tab you can add and manage driver details. You can:

  • Enter, edit and view driver details including licence details and individual PINs for your drivers to log in on Ehubo2, Driver ID unit, or EROAD Driver app.
  • Keep an eye on upcoming licence expiry dates
  • Access relevant reports on driver activity

Drivers who are set up with their details in the DRIVER tab can log in to the EROAD system when driving, enabling you to access driver-centric reports and features in MyEROAD.

Managing driver details is easy, you can:


NZ Driver Tab HS edit2



In the DRIVER tab you can organise your drivers in Groups to enable easy reporting on organisational units and give fleet managers visibility of their drivers. Groups can contain drivers, vehicles, or both.

  • You can check the groups you can access in new cogwheel14 / Administration / User Profile.
  • As a MyEROAD Client Administrator, you can manage user access to groups in new cogwheel14 / Administration / Users.

NOTE: Visibility of drivers on the DRIVER tab is based on Group access. If you can’t see your drivers, please ask a MyEROAD Client Administrator in your organisation to give you access.


Groups Graphic3