Integrations is an internally-managed API framework that lets you draw valuable EROAD data into your transportation management, payroll or other business software for consistent and accurate reporting.

The main advantages of using Integrations is greater privacy and security for our customers and far better ease of use for both our customers and those third parties with which our customers interact. Our design approach provides an open, standards-based interface using REST architecture and provides an easy and intuitive way of communicating with EROAD via the HTTPS protocol. Our API requests & responses are JSON.

Integrations, as a service, is available for customers on qualifying plans.

'Legacy' APIs EOL 2022

EROAD currently operates two API infrastructures under an ongoing plan to migrate into a single modern framework. The section 'Legacy APIs' below are part of our original API collection and will be end of life (no longer functional) in 2022.

The legacy APIs listed below should be used only if necessary, to avoid re-working of your integrations once the legacy infrastructure is retired.

  • Partner Gateway
  • Fuel API
  • Customer API
    • Vehicle Current State (deprecated - replaced with 'Current Machine')
    • Fleet
    • Geofence
    • Driver

You can view, interact, and export clients to work with our Legacy APIs on SwaggerHub.

API Integration Workflow

Partner Integrations

This section shows third party partners that have made APIs available to your business. You may request a key for their information here.

 Integrations card

Pressing Request produces a confirmation dialog and initiates a customised workflow designed to enable the specific integration.


API Keys

This is where you set up keys for your third party partners so that they may work with you through MyEROAD, or manage keys for your bespoke in-house development projects.

 API Keys card

API Documentation

All documentation for each 'product', or set of data – including the OpenAPI specification, authentication parameters, default responses and JSON file formats – are available for all customers to digest as needed.