How do I create a Geofence?

  1. Zoom or pan the Map to the area you would like to geofence
  2. Click on the Draw Geofence button:
  3. Located on the top left of the Map
    The mouse will change from an arrow to an arrow with a point:
  4. Click once then release the mouse, move the mouse to the next place and click and release the mouse again.
  5. Continue clicking, releasing and moving the mouse around until you are ready to close the geofence. Complex geofences may require many points.
  6. Double click to close the geofence.
  7. Once the geofence has been drawn, a panel called "Save New Geofence" appears for you to enter a name and select what types you would like applied to the geofence e.g. Customer Site, Off-Road Area etc.
  8. Click in the name box and enter a name
  9. Click on the types to check or uncheck the boxes to select which types to apply
  10. Click Save to finish



You can assign a type to your geofence which will give it a certain attribute.
Only the type "Off-Road Area" will count towards your off-road journeys.
The rest of the types are for reporting purpose only.


Some geofence types will count towards the "Site Visits" in the Daily Activity Report and the Fleet Summary Report. These are:

  • Customer Site
  • Staff Site
  • Supplier Site
  • Depot