How do I add a new user?

Adding a new user

In the Admin section of the system, select Users from the left hand menu, then click the Add New user button.

A screen with empty fields will display requiring certain information to be entered.

1.     Enter the User details

  •  First and Last name
  • Mobile Phone number
  • Email Address (which will become the user's login name unless username has been chosen)
  • Username (use any other name to login instead of your email address, e.g. "Tony")

    Both email address and username is case insensitive meaning a user can log in with "TONY", "tony" or "Tony"

2.     Enter a password for the user

When the user logs in they should immediately change their password

3.     Select the Fleets the user needs access to see.
All Fleet Access will be ticked by default.
To grant access to fewer fleets un-tick the "All Fleet Access" check box and then tick the check boxes against the fleets that the user should see.

4.     Select the role the user needs. For more help on Roles see Roles and Permissions

5.     Click Save once all the details have been entered

PLEASE NOTE: Only a Client Administrator can add a new user.