EROAD is in the process of re-engineering a future-proofed service and maintenance ecosystem to our customers. New components of MyEROAD Service will appear regularly over the next year.


Suppliers brings modern digital management systems to how you deal with your suppliers for engine components, brake systems etc. and assign them to your fleet(s).

It's not about just listing your suppliers. New features include:

  • Document attachments: If your supplier uses PDF, Word, Spreadsheet forms or some other document, they are readily available in your browser. Uses include price lists or brochures, images or dimensional diagrams. 
  • Location Defaults for Fleet(s): Vehicle location can be used to source a close, approved supplier.
  • Classifications: Each supplier can have a classification assigned, to refine search possibilities.

Activating the beta

  1. Under Service Assets > BETA (switch)
    assets beta switch3
  2. Tap Suppliers
    suppliers beta


suppliers table

On your first visit to Supplies Beta, you'll be presented with all your supplier datapoints in a horizontally-scrolling table. Before diving too deep, try these exercises:

  • Click on any column header to cycle through sorting this table in ascendingdescending or neutral order, depending on the header.
  • In the Search by business details field, enter a couple of characters and see all matching results in this column (even if the column is disabled from view).
  • In the Classification field, tap and select a classification from the drop-down list.
  • Tap in a table row. The Suppliers panel opens. This is where you can Edit existing suppliers, or Remove suppliers from your database.


Large tables can be difficult to understand and manage. A workspace is a table you define, by selecting the columns you want.

You can define up to four user-specific Workspaces, to tailor your supplier listings.

  1. Next to Workspace, click Default, then select Add new workspace. The workspace configuration panel appears.
    suppliers workspace add
  2. Check or uncheck the datapoints you wish to display in a Workspace. Watch the table change live.
  3. Note: Table columns are unable to be re-ordered at this time.
  4. You don't need to give the workspace a name just yet. Click in the tinted table to take a look at your result so far.
  5. If satisfied, re-tap the Workspace field > Add new workspace. The workspace configuration panel appears.
  6. At the top of the panel, enter a name for your workspace.
  7. At the bottom of the panel, tap Save.
  8. Your workspace is now selectable from the Workspace menu.

To Edit or Delete a Workspace:

  1. Tap the Workspace field.
    suppliers workspace edit delete
  2. To edit your existing workspace, tap
  3. To delete your existing workspace, tap 

To Add a Supplier:

  1. Tap Add supplier. The add supplier form appears.
  2. Business name, Name, Email and Phone are the only mandatory fields for a supplier, but the more info you're able to enter, the better you can manage your supplier requirements.
  3. Tap Save to save the supplier and return to the Suppliers table, or tap Save and add more to go straight into entering another supplier.

To Edit or Remove a Supplier:

  1. Tap a supplier on the main table. The supplier panel will appear.
  2. At the bottom of this panel, select Edit or Remove.