The map on the Activity tab includes an address search functionality and allows you to switch between several map options.

To show or hide the Map Options, click or tap the arrow in the top right corner.

AUS Truck Map Layer Map Options


Traffic information

Select Traffic to view up-to-date Traffic flow for major cities. Traffic flow will be updated with latest information when moving the map (panning), for example by clicking and holding the left mouse button.

NOTE: Traffic information on any map in Depot will reflect current traffic flow. When going back in time, e.g. when viewing the Daily Activity Report for a previous date, traffic flow information (if displayed) will be current and not reflect traffic status of the selected time.


Truck information

Select Truck to view useful information on the activity screen map, including physical and legal restrictions and warnings for an area. Dispatchers can quickly and easily view the height, weight, width and length restrictions for a journey.



TruckLayerKey Metric


Address search

The address search functionality helps you locate any street address or point of interest on your map.

 NZ Map Address Search Details

Whether you would like to create a geofence, efficiently manage routes and dispatch, or quickly identify the closest truck to your favorite coffee shop – it’s easy to find any location by using the search box in the top right corner of your map view.

Simply enter full or partial address information, a point of interest, or coordinates (latitude and longitude in decimal degrees, e.g. -36,722235, 174,706561). MyEROAD will list suggestions located closest to the map you are viewing, or in the city or region you’ve typed in. Selecting a suggestion will place a marker on the location and center it in the map view.

You can also search for businesses, truck stops, service stations and other points of interest.