In-cab Comms


In-cab Comms allows fleet managers to push simple, paperless surveys to drivers' Ehubos. These surveys are up-to 10 simple response checks that drivers take for a variety of reasons:

  • Compliance
  • Health and Safety
  • Introduce new processes
  • Messages of the Day


To create up-to 10 queries in an In-cab Comms survey:

  1. Service > In-cab Comms

    If you have no queries you will be greeted with the intro Splash screen.
    image2020 5 18 12 24 12

    If you do have some queries entered, you'll see the summary card.
    image2020 5 19 9 54 19

    The summary card has three buttons along the bottom.

    Details: Slides out the Details pane where you can review the contents, or Edit them.
    Responses: Presents the Driver responses screen.
    Delete: Removes the query collection (and individual queries) from Depot.

  2. Click either the Get started now or Details > Edit button.

Creating comms


Recipients: Recipients are fleets/groups to which this specific In-cab Comms collection will be directed. At least one must be targeted.

Title: Every In-cab Comms needs a name.

Note: Only one In-Cab comms bundle may be created for distribution.

Driver Message

Message type:

  • Acknowledgement: Provides a simple OK response at the end of the message.
  • Yes/No: Provides a Yes/No button choice at the end of the message, and reveals a Preferred selection option, allowing you to select a highlighted button for preference.

The Message and Description have 80-character limits, and differ only in that the Message will be Bold on the Ehubo.

You may Save the message, or Add another, up to a total of 5.

Saving In-cab Comms

Click Save. You will return to the In-cab Comms main screen with this message, asking if you wish to Enable sending the In-cab Comms queries to the designated Ehubo group.

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Preview: generates a view of how your message will appear to a driver.


Enable/Disable: Disabling a query holds it from being pushed to the designated Ehubos. You may wish to re-enable it at a later date.

Driver Responses

When drivers complete their In-cab Comms, their responses are presented in the In-cab Comms table.


Failed responses are listed at the top.

Reviewing Fail Responses

Fail responses are where a driver has answered with at least one non-preferred answer.

To review a Fail response:

  1. Click anywhere within the line of a driver's response. The response panel will slide out.
  2. Add a comment that outlines what you've done to resolve this response.
  3. Click Save. The comment will be stamped with both your identity and time.
  4. Once saved, you will be prompted to Close the response, or you may close the panel.
  5. Depending on the action taken above, the Resolution status of the response will change to Reviewed, or Closed.