Partner Gateways

Important Note

This page details a component of our legacy API system.

We encourage all EROAD customers to migrate their API integration keys to our new Integrations service.



Partner Gateways provide an enriched view of your vehicle activity in real time. Relevant vehicle data supplied by partner systems can be displayed in MyEROAD giving fleet managers a centralised view of the status of their fleet. Container temperature, load weight, job lists and other key information held by these systems can be monitored in MyEROAD once a gateway is established.

For each Partner Gateway, MyEROAD will create a tab in the Activity screen where incoming data from the partner system will be displayed. A URL (typically a link to the partner system) can be included allowing for quick access to the partner system to drill down further if required. A warning system using three levels of alarms (green, orange and red) can be set up as required.

Find detailed information on the Partner Gateway API in the API Developer Resources section of the help site.

Icos Partner Gateway Screenshot v3



Proceed as follows to set up a Partner Gateway:

  1. As a Client Administrator, create a unique API Key in MyEROAD: Go to Settings & Administration administration tool2 / Administration / My Organisation and click Add in Partner Gateways.

    partner gateway 2

  2. Complete the Partner Gateway setup screen:

    partner gateway 3


Name: Enter a reference name for the Partner Gateway.

Group/Tab (max 10 characters): Enter a name for the Partner Gateway that will appear as the name of the tab on the Activity screen. This may be the name of the system provider or a reference to the data coming in (e.g. Weight, Jobs, etc.). 

TIP: If you don't want a new tab to appear leave this field empty

Link: Enter a URL that will be displayed as a hyperlink to the web address specified

Enabled: Enable or disable receiving data via the Partner Gateway. Disable (checkbox off) deactivates the Partner Gateway, it does not delete it.


Click Save to finish the set up. MyEROAD will generate a unique API Key as an alphanumeric string and display it in the My Organisation screen.

partner gateway 7

alertAPI Key Security Tip 

We strongly recommend against pasting it online, forwarding the key via email or committing it to a repository. Treat it as you would your password.

NOTE: To change settings at a later stage (e.g. to change the name of the tab as it appears in MyEROAD or to temporarily disable the Partner Gateway), return to the set up screen in Settings & Administration  / Administration / My Organisation and click Edit in Partner Gateways. Enter and save changes, the API Key will remain unchanged.

  1. Contact your partner system provider and supply the API Key along with a link to the technical instructions. Provide information on your requirements for setting up alarm levels in regards to incoming data from the partner system if required.

  2. Once the gateway has been set up by your partner system provider, incoming data will show in the Activity screen.

Proceed as follows to view vehicle data provided by the partner system:

    • Click on the vehicle you would like to view.
    • Click on the Partner Gateway tab to view incoming vehicle data from the partner system.
    • Click on ‘View Site’ to follow link to the URL.
    • Click on ‘Daily Activity’ to access historical data from previous days.