Driver identification

You can unlock a comprehensive range of driver-centric reports and features in MyEROAD by enabling drivers to securely log in to the EROAD system and identify themselves as the current driver of a vehicle.


Driver-centric reporting

Driver identification can help you boost driver performance and improve health & safety outcomes for your fleet. It provides you with enhanced visibility of driver location and activity, and visual reports on driver performance including individual feedback for each driver:

Depot Reports Icons 1.0 Leaderboard


Shows how your drivers compare within your organisation and to EROAD’s industry benchmarks and tracks how they perform over time, with scores based on key driver metrics. Insights provided by Leaderboard can support driving training and reward programmes, helping your company improve safety outcomes and retain staff.

Depot Reports Icons 1.0 Leaderboard

Driver Insight

A summary of smart, customised driver-specific feedback, this report highlights specific areas for improvement and key messages, making it easy to empower your drivers to adopt safe driving habits.

Depot Reports Icons 1.1 Overspeed Dashboard

Over Speed Dashboard

Transparency around driver speeds allows you to better manage risks to your business, and improve safety and performance across your fleet. EROAD’s Over Speed Dashboard provides a record of vehicle speeding events that exceed posted speed limits. It presents an overview of the speeding behaviour across your fleet, including trends, and enables you to focus on individual speeding events for improved analysis.

Depot Reports Icons 1.0 Driver Safety

Driver Safety

Shows your drivers’ harsh braking and sharp acceleration events, and identifies high-risk locations



Activate driver-centric reporting for your organisation

Drivers set up with their details in MyEROAD can log in to a range of EROAD units.


EROAD units

Driver-centric reporting in MyEROAD is available for drivers who log in to the EROAD system when driving. Drivers can log in using:

  • EROAD Electronic Logbook,
  • Ehubo2, or
  • Driver ID unit

NOTE: To enable drivers to log in on their Ehubo2 units, make sure to activate the Driver Login feature. You can do this in MyEROAD in new cogwheel6 / Administration / Vehicles/Assets.


Set up and manage driver login details in MyEROAD

Set up driver details and secure, 4-digit numeric PINs for your drivers in the DRIVER tab in MyEROAD.

You can manage driver details in MyEROAD, and you can bulk import and export driver details from an Excel spreadsheet or CSV file – it’s quick, easy and hassle-free!

NOTE: To support accurate reporting, we recommend you set up individual PIN numbers for your drivers in MyEROAD. You could use the last 4 digits of their driver licence as their PIN or similar, to make it easy for your drivers to remember their PIN.