12 Transfer.png

This function allows fleet managers to change out a booked vehicle with another, without changing dates, times, or other settings.

This is often needed when a booked vehicle needs urgent repairs, or the vehicle has become unavailable.

Transfer is applied to all bookings for a single vehicle over a specified time period.

Can you increase the number of transfer options returned by widening the search criteria. This can be achieved by unchecking accessories, and setting Transmission and Engine type to All

To transfer a vehicle:

  1. Choose the start/end dates for the transfer.
  2. Select the vehicle to be changed out.
  3. Select the vehicle to replace the changed-out vehicle.
  4. Get transfer options

The system will go through all Upcoming bookings within the specified time period and list them below.

After inspecting the list you may choose to:

  • Transfer all: Accept the generated list and transfer the targeted booking.
  • Transfer to: In this column, you may individually re-assign a different vehicle for that booking.