Role(s): Tenant admin and higher

10 dashboard.png

The Dashboard provides a fast overview of 'booking health' – key stats that show the use of your fleet.


  • Today's bookings: Shows the daily load. Of the number Scheduled, there are a number of them In progress.
  • Overdue vehicles: A big issue with fleet management. Overdue shows the number of vehicles yet to return, while Overdue in 10 mins shows vehicles approaching their booked return time, giving fleet managers a chance to contact bookers for updates, in case it affects following bookings.
  • Pending verification: Displays the number of new Users waiting for admins to approve access to BookIt.
  • Vehicles taken: Shows the number of vehicles offsite with no associated booking details, or if someone has taken the wrong vehicle.
    Note: Clicking View Occurences takes you to the Vehicle taken no booking report. Here, for example, you can determine if the situation is that a booking is relatively close to being auto-cancelled, but the driver is still out with the car.

Vehicle utilisation rate - weekly (VUR)

This chart shows how much of your fleet is being used in the upcoming week, and how busy the week will be. Keeping track of fleet use with the VUR helps right-size your fleet numbers, as well as track EV use, for ongoing resource allocation.